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MIRA Custom-made clothing

All the best drivers in the world drive in MIRA racing colors. MIRA has a long experience in designing and manufacturing custom-made clothing for extreme weather conditions. MIRA offers the most durable and and comfortable clothing for racing and MIRA factory is located in Turku, FINLAND, close to the Metsämäki racetrack. MIRA products are made of the best materials available to ensure maximum durability. 

What we do?

MIRA manufactures unique, high-quality custom-made clothing for trotting professionals, amateurs, and horse trainers all over the world. Mira also manufactures custom-made clothing also for Monté and Pony drivers as well as for stable staff. At MIRA products can be personalized with personal logos and design.

MIRA offers trousers, jackets, overalls and vests for a variety of weather conditions for trotting, training, Pony-trotting, Montée, and leisure. You have the option to get all of these with your own name embroidered with compatible helmet covers. MIRA also manufactures training clothing and team clothing in your stable’s colors and with your own logos. You can also purchase a helmet painting for your competition helmet from Mira. Ask for a quote for these products at your nearest retailer or email MIRA customer service mira@mira.fi.

Prices for MIRA custom-made clothing

The price of a MIRA custom-made suit depends on the garment style and the size and placement of the advertisements and other embroideries. Therefore, the price quote is always calculated for each racing suit. Please contact your nearest retailer or mira@mira.fi for a price quote.

How to order?

It is easy to order a custom-made suit by contacting your nearest retailer or mira@mira.fi email address. First you will receive a price quote on your order and after accepting the price, Mira offers a professional design team to assist you. The team will draw you a sketch of your suit, which can be modified until you are happy with the result. Only when the final sketch has been approved and Mira has the necessary measurement information the order will be added to the MIRA production queue. Please note that our normal production time varies from 4 to 6 weeks, so please make sure you order the product in time for your next big race. Production time can be shortened with an additional cost, please ask MIRA customer service for more information.

You will always be informed of the completion of your order, and the delivery method will be agreed upon, if not already agreed upon when placing the order. For international deliveries, Mira uses the services of Postnord for standard deliveries and DHL for express deliveries. 

Read more of MIRA terms of ordering below:

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After accepting the price quote, Mira will start working on the custom-made suit by first drawing a sketch image of the suit, if the sketch has not been made before. It is possible to alter the sketch and adjust the placing of the sponsor logos until the design of the garment is accepted by the customer and the sponsors. Please note that after a price quote is made, changing the details of the garment will affect the price of the product and therefore the final invoice may differ from the amount of the first offer made.

On the basis of the sketch image and the agreed materials, Mira will charge all private customers a prepayment before starting the production. The invoice will be sent to the customer via email. If the invoice is not paid, it will be removed from MIRA system and the order will be considered canceled. Please note that MIRA will only begin production after payment of the invoice.

If the order is canceled before the custom-made product is complete, Mira has the right to charge the customer for the material and labor costs incurred in the process before the order was canceled. MIRA wants to serve its customers with 100% satisfaction. If, for any reason, the product supplied does not meet the customer’s order, Mira will always endeavor to repair the product to the customer’s specifications. In this case, the customer must contact the retailer or MIRA customer service mira@mira.fi for further assistance. 

MIRA Custom-made products

MIRA offers racing clothes for the summer, mid-season, winter and rain. It is possible to choose one-piece overall or jacket and trousers separately. By default, Mira makes all racing apparel according to customer’s individual body measurements. It is also possible to order the racing garment in the most suitable standard size for faster delivery time and lower price.

It is possible to choose one-piece overall or two-piece garment with separate jacket and trousers for MIRA training clothing. By default, MIRA manufactures training clothing in standard sizes closest to the body size of the customer (S, M, L, etc.). Please note that if you want to have the training clothing manufactured made-to-measure, we will add pattern fee to the price of the product. 

Read more about MIRA materials below:

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MIRA Clothing

To place an order for a custom-made garment, we need information about the garment model, which season the garment will be ordered, and the color of the garment. MIRA’s color chart has 23 different color options to choose from. Please note that there are slight differences in color shades between the different materials. Our color chart can be found below.

For the summer season MIRA products are made of breathable and lightweight Micro fabric or satin without added lining. Summer products are available in all colors of the Mira color chart. For summer clothes, it is possible to add removable sleeves and lining with an additional fee. We recommend summer clothes for temperatures between +15 and +25 degrees. The micro fabric has a treatment that makes it water repellent. Please note that the treatment will disappear after about 5 washes

For the mid-season, MIRA manufactures fully waterproof products with taped seams and a thin polyester lining. The fabric used is a breathable polyamide-polyester blend with a fully waterproof laminated film on the inside. The garment has a water column value of 10,000. We recommend mid-season clothing for temperatures of + 5- + 15 degrees. Please note that according to the care instructions on the garment, waterproof garments may be washed and dried at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. Higher temperatures will melt the laminated film on the fabric, which will impair the breathability and waterproofness of the garment. We will not accept any product as a reclamation that has been washed and dried against the instructions. 

Mira offers rubber clothing for the mid-season and winter. Rubber clothing is made from a fully waterproof polyurethane fabric with a water column value of 10,000. MIRA rubber clothing can be manufactured with a thin polyester lining or with many wadding options. Rubber clothing with polyester lining is recommended for use in temperatures between + 5 and + 15 degrees. Rubber clothing is also available with 60g, 130g and 200g wadding, making the product suitable for colder temperatures. Please note that the garment must be washed and dried in accordance with the care instructions at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures will melt the rubber fabric, which will impair the waterproofness of the garment. We will not accept any product as a reclamation that has been washed and dried against the instructions. 

For winter, Mira offers waterproof clothing made of a blend of polyamide and polyester fabrics in 60g, 130g, 200g or 330g wadding. We recommend using a quilted 60g wadding at -5 to +5 degrees Celsius. We recommend using the product made with 130g wadding at temperatures between -5 ° C and -10 ° C.  The product with 200g wadding is best suitable for temperatures between -10 ° C and -20 ° C. For extreme conditions, over -20 degrees Celsius, we recommend the thickest wadding of 330g. Please note that the recommendations are indicative and do not necessarily apply to the subjective comfort of each customer. Please note that all winter clothing must be washed and dried at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. Higher temperatures will melt the waterproof membrane in the fabric, which will impair the waterproofness and breathability of the outer fabric and warmth of the wadding. We will not accept any product as a reclamation that has been washed and dried against the instructions. 


To manufacture a MIRA custom-made suit, we need your individual body measurements. For measurement-taking you can visit all of our retailers and place your order at the same time. You can also take the measurements yourself with the instruction video below. Note that you need an assistant for this operation.

Measurements are shown on the video in the same order as they are presented on the order form.

Order form

Please fill out the order form to place an order for MIRA custom-made clothing. It is possible to fill out the PDF order form electronically. Please download the order form below.

How to take measurements

Mira Order Form

Mira Color Guide